Submission Instructions for GCB'15

Important general information:

Poster abstracts (deadline: 07.08.2015)

Posters should present recent scientific work in any area of bioinformatics. Poster abstracts must not exceed a single page including references. Please prepare your poster abstract according to our guidelines and use the templates provided below.

Accepted posters must be brought to and presented at the conference. Posters should be prepared in portrait mode, DIN A0 (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm / 33,11 in x 46,81 in).

Proceedings papers (closed)

Manuscripts should have 8 to 10 pages (including references) in the provided template. Paper submissions will be peer-reviewed by the program committee and judged by quality, originality and relevance. Submissions may cover any area of bioinformatics. Prepare your manuscript according to the following guidelines and use the provided templates:

Important: Accepted proceedings papers are published as a preprint collection. It will be visible that they were accepted to and presented at GCB'15. They can still be submitted to any journal (that allows existing preprints; most do!) for full publication. We do make it easy to submit them to PeerJ or PeerJ Computer Science (depending on the focus of the paper) by forwarding the GCB reviews for a fast-track evaluation if the authors so desire.

Highlight abstracts (closed)

Highlight abstracts should report on recent work, preferably published during the present or past year. Topics might include (but are not limited to) biological findings with bioinformatics methods, new computational methods or new software tools. Highlights should be submitted as an abstract of at most 4 pages (including references). Submissions will be judged by the broadness of scope and relevance to the conference audience. Collected accepted highlight abstracs will be part of the GCB'15 PeerJ PrePrints collection. Please prepare your manuscript according to our guidelines and use the templates provided below.

Junior research group presentations (closed)

This new track allows newly established bioinformatics groups to present their work without having to focus on a single paper. Group leaders have the opportunity to give a broad overview of their research interests. Abstracts will be judged on coherence and clarity.